ESI is a practical education program that allows students to gain practical experience by solving real problems at the company and national level.

Within the framework of ESI program, SSER, LMA, RTA, RGSL and industry partners (LSUA, Zero Waste Latvia, Techhub, LU CFI, RÄ“zekne business association, LETERA) provide high-quality knowledge transfer, practical workshops, the opportunity to solve real commercial problems and to develop your own business ideas through a business incubator. Content is provided both in real-time and online. The program is free for participants, it is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and private partners.
The program is a recognized educational program that provides additional credits in economics and business programs to students of partner universities.


The purpose of the "Inspiration" part (in cooperation with SSE Riga, TechHub Riga and Civitta) is to increase knowledge about ESI and the opportunities they offer to relevant interested parties and future students, as well as to create an Idea bank.


The purpose of the "Education" part (in cooperation with SSE Riga, RTA, AAL, RGSL, LU CFI and commercial partners) is to train students and other interested participants in basic business skills, business modeling, as well as current topics such as: social entrepreneurship and socially responsible investing, eco-innovation and sustainability management, digital economy and women's innovation. Students will have the opportunity to choose the most interesting and commercially viable ideas for further development.


The purpose of the "incubation" part (in cooperation with TechHub Riga and commercial partners) is to ensure further development of the selected student teams by offering them a 3-month long incubation program. During this time, students will perfect their projects, prepare for post-incubation and start operating in the open market.

Teams of students who have completed at least one of the program's courses can continue their participation in the incubator. The exception may be when the team has a great idea. In this case, a team without prior graduation from the program course may be considered for participation in the incubator.


The purpose of the sustainability part (in cooperation with Civitta) is to provide additional requested support to projects that complete incubation until they succeed in either securing further funding, entering another incubation or acceleration program, or establishing themselves in the market. As part of the phase, projects will be provided with a mentor who will further help develop the project's growth.