Join PROTOTYPE IT program, by filling in the application form!

Application deadline is August 3rd.

What will you receive?

  • Pārbaudi savas idejas dzīvotspēju 4 mēnešu laikā
  • Receive funding of €4.5K for prototyping
  • Learn the basics of building a company
  • Remote sessions, in-person networking  
  • Skilled mentors sharing hands-on experience and diverse content: workshops, keynotes, 1on1/individual meetings
  • Office space for you and your team

Who can apply?

During the 4 months program, we'll teach you how to turn your idea into a company and navigate the world of prototyping by providing the necessary funds, knowledge and support. By the end you'll have a working prototype ready for testing, so all you need right now is a clear vision and dedication!

Who can apply: Teams of at least 2 people (but the more, the merrier) At least one team member must be a student

What to expect?

4 months filled with various workshops and learning sessions, as well as live meetups and networking to sharpen your business skills (mostly during evenings). The rest of the time you'll manage/be the boss of yourself: planning individual meetings with mentors and reporting the progress. In conclusion, you'll be able to show off your prototype and pitching skills among the other teams and the jury. Any guidance you might need, our team will be there to help and make sure you're getting exactly what you came for.



Foundations of Lean Startup

Business Modeling

Startup marketing


Product-Market fit

Customer discovery

Prototyping 101

Customer validation

Strategic sales

Legal matters

Funding & fundraising



How do I know if I've been approved?

Whether you've been approved or not for the program, we'll let you know via email you registered with.

How many participants per team are required?

There must be at least 2 participants, 1 of which must be a student. Max participants per team are 4.

What is a prototype?

A prototype is an initial model of an object built to test a design of a product or service. Prototyping allows you to test, refine and improve a product before it gets into customers' hands.

What happens if I don't graduate from the program?

We'll evaluate each case by case, but you might be asked to reimburse all costs.

Will I be able to combine the program with my studies?

The average time you'll need to put in is 4-5 hours per week. Some weeks the program's content will be more intensive, some you'll be tracking your progress by yourself. We'll try to schedule the sessions during the evenings so it doesn't interrupt your studies but can't guarantee it for all sessions.

Can I get some help with filling out the application?

You will need to fill in the form by yourself, but if there's any confusion, reach out to us at, and we'll be happy to help!

Where is the incubation process happening?

All sessions will be available online, but most networking will take place in person in Riga.

Where is the office located?

The office is in Riga, Elizabetes Street. You'll need to schedule your time there beforehand.